This is a community based around the idea of fictional battles.This includes characters from Video Games,Manga/Anime,Visual Novels,Cartoons,Comics,Movies just the rule is as long as it's fictional it is able to be on here

Okay to keep this community in check here are some rules please follow this rules so this community doesn't fall apart

1.Be Respectful towards other members 

2.Please don't try to start stuff with people what i mean by that is don't try to make enemies with people and stuff like that although flame wars are i guess okay 

3.No Porn or Hentai and by that i mean graphic stuff you know like tits,asses and dicks or whatever part of the body that needlessly needs to be censored

4.Please try to remain civil when debating 

5.Don't use racial terms like Nigger,Cracker and ETC i mean come on guys it's 2016 this racist shit needs to die off (Although seeing how Trump is president that's not going to happen)

6.No political posts period it's not needed in a community like this  i mean we have the media and facebook for shit like that 

7.Please don't make fun of people deaths and by that i mean like actual deaths i know this really isn't a problem but believe me people do this digusting shit and if you do it here your getting auto-banned

8.Try to post in the right section now this rule won't count against you and shouldn't really be enforced but still try your best to post in the correct section okay good

9.Please don't post any Vs Battles or Character Profiles on religion characters god knows what will happen when we anger the Christians and Muslims (However you can use their different versions though)

{Mods Only}

1.Don't ban anyone without reason or for disagreeing or else i'll Zero Genesis you to oblivion 

2.Don't modify this community without me or Zertots permission (The reason i mention Zertot is because he's the second Owner)

3.Don't Abuse your powers after all i'm at the top of the hierarchy and i can erase you from existence iwith the flick of my wrist LOL so don't abuse those mod powers okay 

4.Anyone who constantly breaks these rules will be demoted for a week no questions about it 

That's All Hope You Enjoy Your Stay 

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